Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something New and Exciting!

Well it's been over a year since I've been here. A lot has changed, I spend all my time with Sweet P. Gardening, knitting (yep I taught myself to knit) and napping. Sadly there's very little time for Becoming Smitten. However all that is about to change. No, I'm not starting up my business again, but I've been given the chance to teach a few classes out at the Vic West Community Centre and perhaps it’s just the thing for you or someone you know… or someone you know knows!  Here are a few:
Book Binding for Beginners NEW!  Explore the art of book binding.  Covering both soft and hardcover books. We'll fold, sew and glue our way to beautiful blank books. Rebecca Glynn Sat      Sep 22-Oct 20*  11:45-12:45pm 4/$32
Journaling Life: Keeping an Art Journal NEW!  Want to keep a record of life's little moments but not sure where to start?  Learn your own journaling style.  Sketch, paint, write and scribble your way to memory making. Rebecca Glynn Mon    Nov 19-Dec 10   6:30-7:30pm        4/$32
Domestic Bliss: Intro to Crafting-Part 1 NEW!  A sampling of knitting, embroidery, crochets, cross stitching and patchwork. We'll touch on the basics and have fun. You'll come home with a handful of finished projects and the ability to create more.  Rebecca Glynn Mon    Sep 17-Oct 29*  7:45-8:45pm       6/$48
Fabric Printing Fun NEW! From stamping to screen we'll work our way through printmaking.  How simple it is to customize anything! We'll get a little messy and have a lot of fun and in the end you'll bring your new unique designs home to show off.  Rebecca Glynn Sat      Oct 27-Dec 1*  10:30-11:30am      5/$40
Home Sewn NEW! Do you have a sewing machine but the idea of using it boggles your mind?  Start somewhere!  Learn new skills and build sewing confidence as we go.  Bring your sewing machine and we'll walk through some fun projects for the home.  Rebecca Glynn Sat      Oct 27-Dec 1*  11:45-12:45pm    5/$40
Sewing for the Baby in your Life NEW! Whether you're the parent or an excited bystander you'll create 5 one of a kind projects the new baby should have to love and enjoy. Wipes, changing pad, play quilt, soft rattle, stuffed ball and more.  Rebecca Glynn Mon    Sep 17-Oct 29   6:30-7:30pm          6/$48
Sewing for the Toddler in Your Life NEW! Learn the tricks to sewing fun colourful goodies that toddlers will love and will last.  Great evening out for mama or a chance to earn points with the toddler you don't get to see everyday.  Home with up to five finished projects. Rebecca Glynn Mon      Feb 4-Mar 4       6:30-7:30pm        5/$40
Making Soft Friends NEW! Create your own unique plush toy to love and cuddle.  Sew, machine sew, and stuff your way to a new friend and the perfect gift for others.  Rebecca Glynn Sat      Sep 22-Oct 20*  10:30-11:30am  4/$32
Design a Doll NEW! We'll start with sewing a basic rag doll, customize her to make her completely unique and spruce her up with a few outfits all to herself. Rebecca Glynn Sat        Jan 26-Feb 23   11:45-12:45pm      5/$40
Make, Do & Mend NEW! In a world of throw away, learn the art of repair and reuse.  Patching, darning, restoring, re-purposing and reinventing will be the main event. Bring in your over loved goods and we'll draw out their life expectancy.  Rebecca Glynn Sat          Mar 2                    10:00-4:00pm       1/$48
Zakka Crafting NEW!  Zakka craft, is Japanese for everything and anything cute that spruces up your home, life and outlook.  Using natural fabrics we'll patchwork, sew, stamp and have fun.  Bring your sewing machine and we'll have up to 6 new projects for you to take home.  Rebecca Glynn Sat         Jan 26-Feb 23  10:30-11:30am      5/$40
Last Minute Christmas Gifts NEW!  It's never too late to make something special for those you love.  We'll whip up scarves, stockings, bags and more.  Craft your way to the end of your gift list.  Rebecca Glynn Sat      Dec 15                  10:00-4:00pm       1/$48
Carded: Crafting Christmas Cards NEW! Get ready for the card giving season!  We'll glue, sew and paint our way to the perfect Christmas card. Rebecca Glynn Sat     Dec 8                    9:30-12:30pm      1/$24
Winter Wreaths NEW!  Beat those winter blues by hanging a beautiful hand made wreath in your home.  In this one day workshop you will have the chance to create 2 unique wreaths from an assortment of materials. Rebecca Glynn Sat       Dec 8                     1:30-4:30pm        1/$24
Come learn with me, it will be a blast! I have yet to ask if I can bring wine.. probably not but it would really take the nervousness away.  Anyway, there is even more than this!  Pop over to the VicWest Website and check out all the classes being taught by RebeccaGlynn (that's me).
 Contact the community centre by phone or drop by to register.
By Phone: 250-590-8922
In person: Victoria West Community Centre 521 Craigflower Rd.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For Today

Outside my window I hope for rain for the garden.

I am wishing desperately to go to the Decemberists concert in Vancouver this August.

I am thankful for quiet moments.

I am learning to reprioritize.

I am sipping a cup of Rat tea from tea farm and wondering if anyone I know is year of the rat.

I am being inspired by fairy tales and the Fables graphic novels.

I am going to Tall Tales Bookshop to get a monthly book membership with the hope the store won’t have to close.

I am smiling at the most beautiful wee girl in the whole wide world.

I am hearing the call of chickens announcing eggs have been laid.

Around the house lay ruins of what once was tidy.

One of my favourite things is my new mug from the market!

A few moments from my week:

Monday, January 10, 2011

And then there were three

This is our daughter Penelope D. She stumbled into our life last year and sure, she had a rough time getting here (perhaps more rough for her Mama) but she’s thrilled to be around now! We weren’t as prepared as we thought, pre-baby you hear a lot about how you’ll never sleep again and how your lives will change and in your head you think yeah yeah I get it… and then you’re thrown into this whole new world and suddenly watching Fringe just isn’t something you want to do, and you go to bed at 7 and wish you could go to bed at 3 in the afternoon… only then do you get it. There’s this little person who needs you to do nothing but be there for her, and as a reward she starts to smile and your day is made.

She is now 2 months old and no longer cries non-stop, we are no longer afraid of her and life before her is just a hazy memory. Life is getting back on track, the sewing machine has been brought out and dusted off. We have high hopes for this year and we’re looking forward to telling you all about it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Somethings Missing

Our nursery is mostly ready, just waiting on the wee whippersnapper to come greet the world. We tried for mostly gender neutral, it's all my favorite colours.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh No, It's Not for Me It's For the Baby!

The baby’s arrival is looming and bed rest is holding back some projects for the baby room so I’ve been forced to spend a few minutes (cough, hours, cough) on Etsy looking for the perfect pieces that, sure, the babe probably won’t give a damn about, but would bring me joy every moment I spent in their room. Now all we need is a winning lottery ticket.
Love it! When the babe isn't looking I could smuggle it into my room! Bunny Rabbit Feltidermy by Girl Savage.

Organic Cloth Diapers by Sarahs Vine. I don't think I'll be able to make all the cloth diapers we'll need, but we'll see.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wishing I could do this. Found at Sycamore Street Press, made by Freshly Picked. Two new blogs I found while I could be washing dishes at putter speed.

Considering breaking out of my house arrest and hitchhiking to town to do some thrift shopping.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go Crazy? Don't Mind If I Do!

Let me tell ya, bed rest is not as fun as one may first be led to believe. There are only so many movies you can watch over and over again before it gets old. I’ve considered using this time to write my first great novel, but somehow all I seem to type is ‘All work and no play makes Becky…’ well you get the idea.

I have been writing out many many lists, furniture to be rearranged, clothes to sew, how to optimize our storage spaces, canning to try, what to do with the garden, recipes to try, furniture to refinish, projects for next year, colour schemes for each room, and these are just a few not even touching on baby or business lists. Of course when you’re trying to stay calm and keep your blood pressure down it thinking of all the things you can’t do doesn’t help.

So, what have I been up to? I am allowed to slowly putter so I’ve starter a few projects for the baby room. I’ve been hand sewing a flying pig mobile, choosing fabric for some old couch cushions we’re going to use as floor pillows in anticipation of all the time we will soon be spending on the hard wood floor. I sit at the table and prep vegetables for Matt as he fills up our freezer for the winter and tells me to sit back down and stop doing things. I gaze out the window at our chickens digging up bugs in the yard. Most of all? I sit and find beautiful things on the internet and think hey, I want that.
Right now I want this poster and I want it to be my lifestyle. Sigh. So bored.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Blur

Where did I go? What has become of me? These are all legitimate questions, with simple answers. Long story short, we finally got the basement finished and rented out, though it did take a bit longer than we thought, we finished in May. Let me tell you I thought we would never be done with it.
But you may ask if it has been finished all this time, why have I not found the time to blog? Well, even longer story short, Matt and I are having a baby! We found out around April, before the suite was done (talk about extra pressure) and it has been a whirlwind ever since. We've got about 2 and a half months to go and I've been suffering bed rest these last few day and after twiddling my thumbs for hours on end, thought of my blog and how I missed it.

Yes, we have been doing the market this year, however my energy is not what it once was. Bread by Matt has been more of the focus for us, and Matt and I did start up a second blog for our joint business, called Taste and Texture (get it he's all about food, and I'm all about fabric...). Other news? We have 4 wonderful chickens squawking about in the back yard, who are encouraging me for childbirth. If these ladies can lay and egg every day, how hard can it be? GULP.

So, I promise to blog once a week, at least until the baby comes. And I am sorry it's been so long.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Something From the Store: Lentils

These Cote D'Azur Lentils are one of the may things I've brought home from Plenty. I like their simple no nonsence black and white lable. Lentils du Puy are green french lentils, they were originally grown in the volcanic soils of Puy in France...thus the name. These babies are a product of Canada and I have no idea where they're grown. What did we do with them? We've cooked these twice now and mostly just winged it.

1 1/2 Cups Lentils du Puy
1/2 Cup Each Chopped Onion, Cellery and Carrots
3-4 Garlic Cloves
Red Wine of Choice
3-4 Cups (ish) Veg Stock
3 Bay Leaves
4 Cloves

Saute the carrots, cellery, onions and garlic in olice oil until they are cooked and soft and then pour in a rather generous glass of red wine. Once the veg is mixed up with the wine dump in the lentils. We didn't pre-rinse or anything, however I did search them for stones and such but these were great quality. Stir to coat them and then pour in some veg stock until everything is under the stock but not drowning in it. Toss in a few bay leaves and cloves and leave to a simmer. Season to taste with salt and pepper while it's cooking. Watch the liquid level and as it becomes absorbed pour in a little more as needed until the lentils are soft but not mush. Make sure to pull out the bay and cloves before serving.Beautiful color to them, hey?We served ours with hazelnut brocolli and cauliflower, sauteed beets and roast yams, as this was what was in the cupboards at the time. I have since made this with without having stock in the house or wine, I justed used water and added dried orange peel, fennel seeds, and cinnimon sticks, but I got to tell you, the stock and wine really give the lentils that extra umph.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I haven't really mentioned yet that I have a part time job. Right around the time we were house hunting I saw that one of my favorite shops was hiring and I thought, what the hell, I could use some more stress in my life.
Plenty is "an eclectic emporium of fine foods and other goods." Pretty much you name it Plenty has it, crafts, books, tea, coffee, magazines, cardboard sculptures, pottery, random awesomeness... it never ends. And now for the last few months I have been lucky enough to be a part of it.
I thought it was going to be an added stress, but given the chaos the our lives have been in, it has been a glowing haven, a calm in the storm if you will. Sure I spend way more money than I'm making there, and yes I have gained an unhealthy addiction to the best brownies ever to grace the earth, but it's worth it.
And coming soon, I'll be doing posts about some of the foo I'm bringing home and how we've been cooking it. First up French Lentils, later today...

19 Days Too Late

Happy New Year!
Here I am 19 days after the fact, but here none the less and with one bag up resolution! I resolve to blog. Yes that's right fans (um, Dad and hmmm, Anna?) you once again have a window into my life.

Other resolutions?
To finish this darned basement and never think of it again.
To take more pictures. (and then I dropped the camera in the cats water dish...)
To hanker back down at the sewing machine and make some pretty things.
To make our new house our home, rearranging furniture, painting, flea market hunting, over and over until it's perfect. Poor Matt.

Also I have decided that I could right one hell of a Sci-Fi novel if I have the attention span to do so... I mean anyone could write Sci-Fi, right? And so I have resolved to consider doing such a thing, maybe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And Back Again

What happened to me? Where did I go for the last two months?
Well, we moved into our very first home. We are the proud owners of a 1959 bungalow with cove ceilings and curved corners (perfect for the clumsy) and a lovely backyard. In our first week we started tearing down walls in the unfinished basement to finish it, we had a big dirty thirties carnival night in honor of Matt turning 30, I got a part time job at Plenty (Pretty much the best store in Victoria), we tore down more walls, I did 2 Christmas craft shows, we had plumber nightmares (plumber on a drinking binge anyone?), I threw my back out, we learned the art of cement laying, and we became proud owners of a cardboard safari moose head.
And that about sums it up. I do have some pictures to show and they will come in the next few days, but I just thought I should give a little hello to the world as I had a few seconds.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Old and Beautiful

I'm going through more of the pictures we took in France and could probably publish one of those jumbo coffee table books just with the pictures I took of old, withered cracking signs.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today marks the start of what I have dubbed packing week and what do I find myself doing? Drinking tea and pouring over old desiretoinspire posts, dreaming of future projects for our first home. Sure none o these projects will happen for years to come, but I like to be prepared.
In other news I'm going to be in this month Poppytalk Handmade Market starting Monday. Wish me luck and go check it out!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Oh, I remember when we went to France for 2 months and had nothing to think about except what wine to drink that day... It all feels like a long, long time ago.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For Today

Outside my window are beautiful fall leaves blowing about the road.
I am thinking about going for a stomp through some crisp fall leaves.
I am thankful for our new house that we move into October 30th.
From the kitchen we’ve been having delicious Thanksgiving leftovers… mmm gravy.
I am wearing favourite old knee socks with HUGE holes… how embarrassing.
I am creating prizes for Matt’s 30th birthday party, you can never be too old for goodie bags.
I am going CRAZY with all these things you must think of when buying a house. Building permits, plumbers, mortgage rates, packing, cleaning…
I am reading an Idiots Guide to Remodelling Your Home.
I am hoping to have everything ready for the looming craft shows coming up for Christmas.
I am hearing A Fine Frenzy’s Bomb in a Bird Cage.
Around the house are piles and piles of things I should be doing, boxes to be filled, fabric to be cut, animals to have faces sewn on, tags to be made, clothes to be folded, forms to fill out… oh dear.
One of my favorite things right now is the new show community.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Foo For Thought

There's a new restaurant in town and it is glorious. Foo, focusing on asian street food, was recently opened by Stirling Grice, the sweetest server at Brasserie l'Ecole, and I am addicted to their potstickers. Totally afforable and ever so delicious go on down and have a taste, 769 Yates Street, accross from the movie theatres. Good on ya Stirling!

Gettin' It Done

With just over a month before we move my to do list is through the roof, and let me tell you the roof is on fire (hehehe). Lots of furniture first aid, clothes to mend, clothes to make, becoming smitten to manage... the list goes on and on. I find the more there is to do the less I do, however I have been posting some goodies on etsy lately and have great plans to do it more often.
Meanwhile my list grows on. Anyone know an inexpensive plumber?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Goods for Becoming Smitten?

Yes, it's true! I'm still truckin along with Becoming Smitten and have even found the time to create a few new little badges. No two are alike each is a different organic shape and a fine addition to a jacket, bag or stuffed best friend.

Post 100

Where did I go you may be asking yourselves? Well as a girl who doesn't cope with change I had a big change present itself and I was unsure how to proceed. What is this big change? My husband and I are now home owners. Yes, it's time to join the world of grown ups once and for all. After a week or so to process all the changes to come (mostly leaving our apartment of 4 and a half years that I LOVE) I have decided that the only way to feel is stoked. Do people still say stoked, if not they should.

So here it is blog post 100 no where to go but up. I'll be posting pictures of our new home and of all the renos that are in our immediate future soon, but in the mean time let me tell you, 'our house is a very very very fine house!

PS. Anyone in the Victoria area looking for a beautiful apartment with hardwood floors, fireplace, and a gas oven in an old charecter home on Moss Street?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Pit of Despair

I seem to have tripped and stumbled into a pit of despair. So many things happening all at once pulling in all directions and so this is me resolving to pick myself up, dust myself off and charge head on to all that beckons. And what better way to start that with the Princess Bride. Nothing can cheer up a gloomy face like Andre the Giant as Fezzik.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here Comes Fall

I have really been enjoying this rainy, windy weather that Victoria has been having. There is nothing better than sitting by a fire drinking warm tea and listening to rain hit the window. Good bye summer.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fur Pile

Look at all the work being done at the Becoming Smitten homestead. I've got my nose to the grindstone. Etsy won't even know what hit it!

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Vantasy Picnic

We were lucky enough to be invited on a late summer vantasy picnic by the seaside the other day. Oh, and what fun was had by all. In the small confines of this van a delicious meal was prepared and served and eaten and most of all enjoyed. Some of our favourite people will be taking this van down the coast to the wilds of California and hopefully back again (please come back...). I envy the sights they will see, the food they will eat and the people they will meet. I don't envy the world’s smallest bathroom/shower they will be using for the next month. Follow their blog if you are interested in the sort of intrigue and excitement that, sadly my blog doesn't offer.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Whistling Pig

Come on, do you really want to live in a world that is without the Vancouver Island Marmot?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Be My Pen Pal

After learning about the Mysterious Letters that were written in the small Irish village of Cushendall I have come to the realization that life would be better with a pen pal. These two people handwrote 467 personalized letters to each and every person who lived in the town. Some even got gifts! Each letter was a beautiful piece of art and now I have been inspired to write some letters.

There is a magical store over in Vancouver called The Regional Assembly of Text that is devoted to text in all forms. The best part is that once a month they offer a letter writers club! These ladies have all these typewriters you can use and supply everything you could need all you have to have is a love of letter writing.
No, I don’t have a cool typewriter, and no I don’t think I have it in me to write 500 people, but perhaps one person multiple times. I have atrocious handwriting but have lots of little goodies that I would love to send off to a special someone. Anyone in the market for a new pen pal?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Today

FOR TODAY August 30, 2009
Outside my window there’s not a cloud in the sky.
I am thinking of having an animal give away for September.
I am thankful for friends that let you drag them to an outdoor picture show in the dark and cold that none of you really want to see.
From the kitchen we will be making a tart today.
I am wearing my polka dot red and white skirt I made for my first day at the market.
I am creating 10 new animals for my etsy shop.
I am going to a picnic party in a van at the beach tonight… FUN!!!
I am reading River Cottage Handbook #2… Preserves.
I am hoping to make some pickles soon.
I am hearing Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Around the house are lovely flowers my sweetheart brought home for me.
One of my favourite things would be warm bread smothered with butter.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Make a few traveling companions for Late Summer Vantasy
Start a new Becoming Smitten project involving wood
Have a photo session with animals for etsy.
Here is a picture of a custom fox I am sharing...

Party Down

I would like to have more themed dinner parties. Although more would imply that currently we have themed parties which is not the case. What sort of themes you inquire? Well, perhaps an 80’s birthday party for no ones birthday but with big poofy dresses, party hats and a birthday cake, or maybe a circus party with a kissing booth, bearded lady, caramel popcorn and lots of stripes, or perhaps a French party and we can view all 5678 photos we took in France with commentary for each pic (although that probably would only be fun for me…)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to be Intersting?

Today I googled ‘how to be an interesting person’. Does this make me a little odd and exceptionally sad? I’d say so. However I feel encouraged because it all sounds very simple.
The first link up there was a fellow named Russ, and what does Russ suggest, you ask? Well it’s 10 simple steps:
1. Take at least one picture everyday.
2. Start a blog. Write at least one sentence every week.
3. Keep a scrapbook
4. Every week, read a magazine you’ve never read before
5. Once a month interview someone for 20 minutes, work out how to make them interesting.
6. Collect something
7. Once a week sit in a coffee-shop or cafe for an hour and listen to other people’s conversations.
8. Every month write 50 words about one piece of visual art, one piece of writing, one piece of music and one piece of film or TV. Do other art forms if you can. Blog about it
9. Make something
10. Read.

Hmmm I said to myself, that doesn’t sound too hard, but will someone back up his claims? I clicked the next link and met Ernest, Ernest Goodman and he had a list of 7 things…
get a hobby, start a campaign, go camping, teach yourself something new, read a book, go geek (In this he suggests starting sentences with basically…,actually…or technically…) and volunteer.

By the third link I was getting bored and didn’t read the whole thing but Essential life said that one can become an interesting person by cultivating a variety of interests, taking a genuine interest in others, reading more, staying on top of current events, and expressing your informed opinions. They also have a list of how to improve your personality, but I didn’t feel the need to click the link.

Moral of the Story

Should you run into me in the near future and I keep going on and on about how actually I was just camping, and basically I’ve started a new collection and how technically it’s not eavesdropping if they’re shouting their conversation in a coffee shop, make sure to tell me how interesting it all sound.