Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Somethings Missing

Our nursery is mostly ready, just waiting on the wee whippersnapper to come greet the world. We tried for mostly gender neutral, it's all my favorite colours.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh No, It's Not for Me It's For the Baby!

The baby’s arrival is looming and bed rest is holding back some projects for the baby room so I’ve been forced to spend a few minutes (cough, hours, cough) on Etsy looking for the perfect pieces that, sure, the babe probably won’t give a damn about, but would bring me joy every moment I spent in their room. Now all we need is a winning lottery ticket.
Love it! When the babe isn't looking I could smuggle it into my room! Bunny Rabbit Feltidermy by Girl Savage.

Organic Cloth Diapers by Sarahs Vine. I don't think I'll be able to make all the cloth diapers we'll need, but we'll see.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wishing I could do this. Found at Sycamore Street Press, made by Freshly Picked. Two new blogs I found while I could be washing dishes at putter speed.

Considering breaking out of my house arrest and hitchhiking to town to do some thrift shopping.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go Crazy? Don't Mind If I Do!

Let me tell ya, bed rest is not as fun as one may first be led to believe. There are only so many movies you can watch over and over again before it gets old. I’ve considered using this time to write my first great novel, but somehow all I seem to type is ‘All work and no play makes Becky…’ well you get the idea.

I have been writing out many many lists, furniture to be rearranged, clothes to sew, how to optimize our storage spaces, canning to try, what to do with the garden, recipes to try, furniture to refinish, projects for next year, colour schemes for each room, and these are just a few not even touching on baby or business lists. Of course when you’re trying to stay calm and keep your blood pressure down it thinking of all the things you can’t do doesn’t help.

So, what have I been up to? I am allowed to slowly putter so I’ve starter a few projects for the baby room. I’ve been hand sewing a flying pig mobile, choosing fabric for some old couch cushions we’re going to use as floor pillows in anticipation of all the time we will soon be spending on the hard wood floor. I sit at the table and prep vegetables for Matt as he fills up our freezer for the winter and tells me to sit back down and stop doing things. I gaze out the window at our chickens digging up bugs in the yard. Most of all? I sit and find beautiful things on the internet and think hey, I want that.
Right now I want this poster and I want it to be my lifestyle. Sigh. So bored.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Blur

Where did I go? What has become of me? These are all legitimate questions, with simple answers. Long story short, we finally got the basement finished and rented out, though it did take a bit longer than we thought, we finished in May. Let me tell you I thought we would never be done with it.
But you may ask if it has been finished all this time, why have I not found the time to blog? Well, even longer story short, Matt and I are having a baby! We found out around April, before the suite was done (talk about extra pressure) and it has been a whirlwind ever since. We've got about 2 and a half months to go and I've been suffering bed rest these last few day and after twiddling my thumbs for hours on end, thought of my blog and how I missed it.

Yes, we have been doing the market this year, however my energy is not what it once was. Bread by Matt has been more of the focus for us, and Matt and I did start up a second blog for our joint business, called Taste and Texture (get it he's all about food, and I'm all about fabric...). Other news? We have 4 wonderful chickens squawking about in the back yard, who are encouraging me for childbirth. If these ladies can lay and egg every day, how hard can it be? GULP.

So, I promise to blog once a week, at least until the baby comes. And I am sorry it's been so long.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Something From the Store: Lentils

These Cote D'Azur Lentils are one of the may things I've brought home from Plenty. I like their simple no nonsence black and white lable. Lentils du Puy are green french lentils, they were originally grown in the volcanic soils of Puy in France...thus the name. These babies are a product of Canada and I have no idea where they're grown. What did we do with them? We've cooked these twice now and mostly just winged it.

1 1/2 Cups Lentils du Puy
1/2 Cup Each Chopped Onion, Cellery and Carrots
3-4 Garlic Cloves
Red Wine of Choice
3-4 Cups (ish) Veg Stock
3 Bay Leaves
4 Cloves

Saute the carrots, cellery, onions and garlic in olice oil until they are cooked and soft and then pour in a rather generous glass of red wine. Once the veg is mixed up with the wine dump in the lentils. We didn't pre-rinse or anything, however I did search them for stones and such but these were great quality. Stir to coat them and then pour in some veg stock until everything is under the stock but not drowning in it. Toss in a few bay leaves and cloves and leave to a simmer. Season to taste with salt and pepper while it's cooking. Watch the liquid level and as it becomes absorbed pour in a little more as needed until the lentils are soft but not mush. Make sure to pull out the bay and cloves before serving.Beautiful color to them, hey?We served ours with hazelnut brocolli and cauliflower, sauteed beets and roast yams, as this was what was in the cupboards at the time. I have since made this with without having stock in the house or wine, I justed used water and added dried orange peel, fennel seeds, and cinnimon sticks, but I got to tell you, the stock and wine really give the lentils that extra umph.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I haven't really mentioned yet that I have a part time job. Right around the time we were house hunting I saw that one of my favorite shops was hiring and I thought, what the hell, I could use some more stress in my life.
Plenty is "an eclectic emporium of fine foods and other goods." Pretty much you name it Plenty has it, crafts, books, tea, coffee, magazines, cardboard sculptures, pottery, random awesomeness... it never ends. And now for the last few months I have been lucky enough to be a part of it.
I thought it was going to be an added stress, but given the chaos the our lives have been in, it has been a glowing haven, a calm in the storm if you will. Sure I spend way more money than I'm making there, and yes I have gained an unhealthy addiction to the best brownies ever to grace the earth, but it's worth it.
And coming soon, I'll be doing posts about some of the foo I'm bringing home and how we've been cooking it. First up French Lentils, later today...

19 Days Too Late

Happy New Year!
Here I am 19 days after the fact, but here none the less and with one bag up resolution! I resolve to blog. Yes that's right fans (um, Dad and hmmm, Anna?) you once again have a window into my life.

Other resolutions?
To finish this darned basement and never think of it again.
To take more pictures. (and then I dropped the camera in the cats water dish...)
To hanker back down at the sewing machine and make some pretty things.
To make our new house our home, rearranging furniture, painting, flea market hunting, over and over until it's perfect. Poor Matt.

Also I have decided that I could right one hell of a Sci-Fi novel if I have the attention span to do so... I mean anyone could write Sci-Fi, right? And so I have resolved to consider doing such a thing, maybe.