Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something New and Exciting!

Well it's been over a year since I've been here. A lot has changed, I spend all my time with Sweet P. Gardening, knitting (yep I taught myself to knit) and napping. Sadly there's very little time for Becoming Smitten. However all that is about to change. No, I'm not starting up my business again, but I've been given the chance to teach a few classes out at the Vic West Community Centre and perhaps it’s just the thing for you or someone you know… or someone you know knows!  Here are a few:
Book Binding for Beginners NEW!  Explore the art of book binding.  Covering both soft and hardcover books. We'll fold, sew and glue our way to beautiful blank books. Rebecca Glynn Sat      Sep 22-Oct 20*  11:45-12:45pm 4/$32
Journaling Life: Keeping an Art Journal NEW!  Want to keep a record of life's little moments but not sure where to start?  Learn your own journaling style.  Sketch, paint, write and scribble your way to memory making. Rebecca Glynn Mon    Nov 19-Dec 10   6:30-7:30pm        4/$32
Domestic Bliss: Intro to Crafting-Part 1 NEW!  A sampling of knitting, embroidery, crochets, cross stitching and patchwork. We'll touch on the basics and have fun. You'll come home with a handful of finished projects and the ability to create more.  Rebecca Glynn Mon    Sep 17-Oct 29*  7:45-8:45pm       6/$48
Fabric Printing Fun NEW! From stamping to screen we'll work our way through printmaking.  How simple it is to customize anything! We'll get a little messy and have a lot of fun and in the end you'll bring your new unique designs home to show off.  Rebecca Glynn Sat      Oct 27-Dec 1*  10:30-11:30am      5/$40
Home Sewn NEW! Do you have a sewing machine but the idea of using it boggles your mind?  Start somewhere!  Learn new skills and build sewing confidence as we go.  Bring your sewing machine and we'll walk through some fun projects for the home.  Rebecca Glynn Sat      Oct 27-Dec 1*  11:45-12:45pm    5/$40
Sewing for the Baby in your Life NEW! Whether you're the parent or an excited bystander you'll create 5 one of a kind projects the new baby should have to love and enjoy. Wipes, changing pad, play quilt, soft rattle, stuffed ball and more.  Rebecca Glynn Mon    Sep 17-Oct 29   6:30-7:30pm          6/$48
Sewing for the Toddler in Your Life NEW! Learn the tricks to sewing fun colourful goodies that toddlers will love and will last.  Great evening out for mama or a chance to earn points with the toddler you don't get to see everyday.  Home with up to five finished projects. Rebecca Glynn Mon      Feb 4-Mar 4       6:30-7:30pm        5/$40
Making Soft Friends NEW! Create your own unique plush toy to love and cuddle.  Sew, machine sew, and stuff your way to a new friend and the perfect gift for others.  Rebecca Glynn Sat      Sep 22-Oct 20*  10:30-11:30am  4/$32
Design a Doll NEW! We'll start with sewing a basic rag doll, customize her to make her completely unique and spruce her up with a few outfits all to herself. Rebecca Glynn Sat        Jan 26-Feb 23   11:45-12:45pm      5/$40
Make, Do & Mend NEW! In a world of throw away, learn the art of repair and reuse.  Patching, darning, restoring, re-purposing and reinventing will be the main event. Bring in your over loved goods and we'll draw out their life expectancy.  Rebecca Glynn Sat          Mar 2                    10:00-4:00pm       1/$48
Zakka Crafting NEW!  Zakka craft, is Japanese for everything and anything cute that spruces up your home, life and outlook.  Using natural fabrics we'll patchwork, sew, stamp and have fun.  Bring your sewing machine and we'll have up to 6 new projects for you to take home.  Rebecca Glynn Sat         Jan 26-Feb 23  10:30-11:30am      5/$40
Last Minute Christmas Gifts NEW!  It's never too late to make something special for those you love.  We'll whip up scarves, stockings, bags and more.  Craft your way to the end of your gift list.  Rebecca Glynn Sat      Dec 15                  10:00-4:00pm       1/$48
Carded: Crafting Christmas Cards NEW! Get ready for the card giving season!  We'll glue, sew and paint our way to the perfect Christmas card. Rebecca Glynn Sat     Dec 8                    9:30-12:30pm      1/$24
Winter Wreaths NEW!  Beat those winter blues by hanging a beautiful hand made wreath in your home.  In this one day workshop you will have the chance to create 2 unique wreaths from an assortment of materials. Rebecca Glynn Sat       Dec 8                     1:30-4:30pm        1/$24
Come learn with me, it will be a blast! I have yet to ask if I can bring wine.. probably not but it would really take the nervousness away.  Anyway, there is even more than this!  Pop over to the VicWest Website and check out all the classes being taught by RebeccaGlynn (that's me).
 Contact the community centre by phone or drop by to register.
By Phone: 250-590-8922
In person: Victoria West Community Centre 521 Craigflower Rd.