Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And Back Again

What happened to me? Where did I go for the last two months?
Well, we moved into our very first home. We are the proud owners of a 1959 bungalow with cove ceilings and curved corners (perfect for the clumsy) and a lovely backyard. In our first week we started tearing down walls in the unfinished basement to finish it, we had a big dirty thirties carnival night in honor of Matt turning 30, I got a part time job at Plenty (Pretty much the best store in Victoria), we tore down more walls, I did 2 Christmas craft shows, we had plumber nightmares (plumber on a drinking binge anyone?), I threw my back out, we learned the art of cement laying, and we became proud owners of a cardboard safari moose head.
And that about sums it up. I do have some pictures to show and they will come in the next few days, but I just thought I should give a little hello to the world as I had a few seconds.