Monday, January 10, 2011

And then there were three

This is our daughter Penelope D. She stumbled into our life last year and sure, she had a rough time getting here (perhaps more rough for her Mama) but she’s thrilled to be around now! We weren’t as prepared as we thought, pre-baby you hear a lot about how you’ll never sleep again and how your lives will change and in your head you think yeah yeah I get it… and then you’re thrown into this whole new world and suddenly watching Fringe just isn’t something you want to do, and you go to bed at 7 and wish you could go to bed at 3 in the afternoon… only then do you get it. There’s this little person who needs you to do nothing but be there for her, and as a reward she starts to smile and your day is made.

She is now 2 months old and no longer cries non-stop, we are no longer afraid of her and life before her is just a hazy memory. Life is getting back on track, the sewing machine has been brought out and dusted off. We have high hopes for this year and we’re looking forward to telling you all about it!

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Cathy said...

sure do love that sweet baby! xo gramma