Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For Today

Outside my window I hope for rain for the garden.

I am wishing desperately to go to the Decemberists concert in Vancouver this August.

I am thankful for quiet moments.

I am learning to reprioritize.

I am sipping a cup of Rat tea from tea farm and wondering if anyone I know is year of the rat.

I am being inspired by fairy tales and the Fables graphic novels.

I am going to Tall Tales Bookshop to get a monthly book membership with the hope the store won’t have to close.

I am smiling at the most beautiful wee girl in the whole wide world.

I am hearing the call of chickens announcing eggs have been laid.

Around the house lay ruins of what once was tidy.

One of my favourite things is my new mug from the market!

A few moments from my week:

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