Monday, August 17, 2009

Lost Mojo

I threw my back out a month and a half ago. Spent a lot of time weeping in pain on the floor, and have since found out it was from working. When hunched forward focused on the sewing machine apparently you are doing damage to your body. I've been mobile for a while again now, however every morning I have to ice my shoulder and neck and once a week I have started seeing Victor, the massage therapist.
Is there a point to my whining? Yes, I feel as though I've lost my mojo. I'm finding so many excuses not to work... So I ask myself, as most people do when in a conundrum, what sage advice would Julie Andrews sing to me if she was my mentor? Would she say be like the robin and sing while you work? Would she say find your own spoonful of sugar and make it a treat to work?
Would she sing my workroom clean for me? I guess she'd tell me to stop moping about and work through it. I like to think that Julie is a tough sort of mentor... I wish she was nicer to me.

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