Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dream Home?

This re-vammped pigeonnier built in 1750 is the cutest little guest house ever! Would I be the happiest girl EVER if this was mine?? Yes. Would I stand by the top window calling my while pigeon friends? Yes. Would Matt want to live in a tiny castle with no kitchen? No, probably not, but I bet Maurice our cat would love it. Would I be willing to move down to Louisiana to have it? Unfortunately not likely. I suppose it is simply not meant to be... maybe I can visit. Thank you Apartment Therapy for finding such lovely thins for me to spend my hours gazing at.


grant and anna. said...

i want to live there!!! and who needs a kitchen when you can just bbq and picnic all the time!!!! oh and how nice would a tree swing be?!!!

ps. grant does not share my desire.

Jeff said...

Does the biker come with the apartment?