Friday, July 31, 2009

Where did I go for so long?

We went to Vancouver to see the Decemberists at the Vogue. The concert was spectacular. They put on such a great show and left me feeling like we should really go to the Treasure Island Music Festival. What did I learn you ask?
1. To begin with I am pretty sure that the band and I could be best friends if we ever got to know each other. I’m not one of those fans who says things like that, I just know in my case it would be true… right…
2. My life would be better if I too was in a band.
3. I need to learn to play the Xylophone. It is an oft overlooked instrument and I believe it may be my soul instrument.
4. People that listen to the Decemberists have great fashion sense. At least the women. It’s unique and colourful and lovely.
5. The Decemberists sound even better (if possible) when they’re load and live.

Yes, I have become even more smitten.

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