Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

The bright lights in the big city have caused to to temporarily forget all my excitement back home. Anyone in the Victoria region should be sure to pop in to the two local stores that are now carrying my animals! The Good Planet Baby Company on 1005 Broad Street ordered some just the week before we flew off. They we kind enough to send me a few pictures of my little guys out for all to love them.
As well, one of my husband favorite shops Plenty, on Fort Street, are displaying a few animals for their Easter window display. They even went so far as to do up the press release below. My favorite part? Rebecca Glynn (currently in Paris).
If you manage to stop into either shop drop me a line and let me know how the look!

Press Release: March 25th, 2009


Vancouver Island Marmot featured at Local Specialty Food Store!

WHERE: Plenty Epicurean Pantry, 1034 Fort Street

WHEN: March 15th – April 15th 2009

WHAT: Plenty epicurean pantry welcomes a collection of finely crafted stuffed animals. Each animal is handmade in Victoria, B.C. by Rebecca Glynn of Smitten Studio and represents an endangered species.

CONTACTS: Trevor Walker, Plenty Epicurean Pantry, 380-7654,;

Rebecca Glynn (currently in Paris): COST: $55 each, includes a description, smitten pin, and tote bag.

Smitten Studio: All of the animals in Smitten are made with organic linen and recycled fabrics.

Each animal created is based on one listed on the IUCN endangered species Red List. Rebecca started out by featuring animals found close to home in British Columbia and she has since expanded her focus to include endangered animals from around the world.

We are very pleased at Plenty to be caring for some wonderful animals while their creator, Rebecca Glynn of Smitten Studio, explores Paris for the month. Rebecca uses organic or recycled fabrics and she hand-dyes and prints everything herself. She has created an eclectic array of stuffed animals representing endangered creatures from around the world including; the Western Harvest Mouse, Grizzly Bear, Northern Leopard Frog, Woodland Caribou, Nuttal’s Cottontail Rabbit, American Badger, Red Wolf, Asian Elephant, Wild Water Buffalo, and Vancouver Island Marmot. We feel very fortunate to have these wonderful creations in our midst - thanks to Rebecca for sharing them!

Vancouver Island Marmot: I am based on the Vancouver Island Marmot and am endangered in British Columbia, Canada. I am herbivorous and hibernate throughout the winter. I have been handmade with organic linen and lovely recycled velvet and have a hand printed patch on my back. Plumply stuffed with recycled polyfil.

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