Saturday, March 14, 2009

How Wicked

We spent the morning looking around town, we walked through the National Gallery and it was a bit over whelming so much to see. And think of how much more the Louvre will be.
I found a few artists I'd never heard of and loved; George Stubbs painted a life sized racing horse called Whistlejacket. It could have leaped off the canvas, from a meter away it could have been a full taxidermist horse. The other was, and I love this name, Hans Holbein the Younger who painted 'A Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling' , just a girl hanging out with her pet squirrel. Love it!
Went to see the Buckingham Palace and was disappointed. There was no changing of the guards, the few that were there were dressed in faded navy, not the bright red you see in pictures and there were far too many people. Considering how beautiful all the other buildings were, it was just alright and a bit small, we didn't stay long. The evening held our first London musical! We went to see Wicked and it was splendid. Sort of a twist on the Wizard of Oz. The sets and costumes were full of colour, the music was so much fun and the whole show was fantastic. We splurged and sat front and centre, perfect view.
And tomorrow we head to Paris.

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