Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best Meal Ever!

We ate at the best restaurant I have ever walked into. Cousin Peter is a good fellow to know. We were dining with all the important people of London, among them Margaret Thatcher's right hand man, whose name I can't remember. Peter knew the chef so we were spoiled! The moment we sat down were we brought 5 plates of AMAZING tasting dishes, parma ham, buffalo mozzarella with olives, tuna carpaccio with capers, zucchini frites, scallops in beautiful dishes like shells... and that was before we even saw the menu! By then I was full. We had a first course of pasta veal ragout and jumped to desert, as there is always room for desert.
When we dragged our over stuffed selves out we went walking the River Thames while everything was lit up and music was playing. Yes, I do like London.
Tomorrow we'll see it all by day light.

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