Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Shops: Cuddle, Carry, Cozy

What better way to spend a Sunday than shopping on etsy. The problem is that it's a great way to spend your entire pay check too...
I'm a pretty big fan of cats, and thus am a pretty big fan of penguinandfish. I love all her fabric choices and each kitties cute little face. This one, Kitty no.63 is only $45. There's also a charming blog to go with the shop.

Okay, so maybe I can't justify a $90 hat, so this would fall under the 'once-I-win-a-Set-for-Life-scratch-and-win-and-can-have-everything-I've ever-wanted' category. In the mean time terrygraziano's Fine and Dandy - black hat is nice to look at. It's "a delicious concoction of a newsboy, a slouch hat, a beret and a crusher".

Now could I be anymore stylish when my hubby and I are off adventuring in France carrying around a GetReadySetGO bag? These are all upcycled funky vintage bags that they refinish to be lovely again. I think they sum it up in their description..."this bag is killer-sweet". Cobalt Blue VINTAGE Carry On Messenger Bag with Hand Drawn Black Bird on a Branch $52.50.

CircaCeramics 6oz tea cup vesper (pinstriped clementine) for $18. I think everyone and their dog wants one of these cups or bowls. There's nothing I love more than a cup of tea in a pretty mug. Sure I have a million mugs already, but whats one more if it brings you joy?

So I'm thinking that while I carry my beautiful new bag down the streets of Paris I could catch a chill and will need just a little something to bundle up with. Perhaps this yorktownroad flare scarf in light green linen is just what I need, and for $40 why not.

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