Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday's Whatnot

Maybe it's the snow falling, maybe it's the fire place crackling behind me but I am so very much in love with Christmas right this moment. And nothing says Christmas like these Christmas Critters I have found on Etsy lately!

This first one you can just picture being carried around by its leg every where its little owner went. Made by Makeitawesome from Toronto this little grey rabbit is made out of vintage angora sweaters filled with lambswool and looks ready for a snuggle!

This is a paper doll set. Now in my opinion there are just not enough paper doll sets in this world. This is made by wool and water, It's a print that you cut and assemble yourself. Doesn't every little girl who lived near a forest wish that she could have a little bear cub to pal around with? Perfectly named this is a delicate heart .

Tilly Bloom makes illustrated jewelery, and this
Sir Henry Frog Brooch is nothing short of spectatular! Seriously straight out of the Wind in the Willows.

The Dancing Couple is a print done by Berkley Illustration and is full of all the magic that Christmas can bring!

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Shannon said...

That rabbit is so cute!