Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post 100

Where did I go you may be asking yourselves? Well as a girl who doesn't cope with change I had a big change present itself and I was unsure how to proceed. What is this big change? My husband and I are now home owners. Yes, it's time to join the world of grown ups once and for all. After a week or so to process all the changes to come (mostly leaving our apartment of 4 and a half years that I LOVE) I have decided that the only way to feel is stoked. Do people still say stoked, if not they should.

So here it is blog post 100 no where to go but up. I'll be posting pictures of our new home and of all the renos that are in our immediate future soon, but in the mean time let me tell you, 'our house is a very very very fine house!

PS. Anyone in the Victoria area looking for a beautiful apartment with hardwood floors, fireplace, and a gas oven in an old charecter home on Moss Street?

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grant and anna. said...

yay for you guys., i'm so so so happy for you. I WANNA SEE PICTURES! I WANNA SEE PICTURES!!!!!!!!! XOX